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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spanked Princesses: The Pianist by Erika Moran


What to do with a selfish trophy wife? Piano lessons with a "special" teacher. Perhaps the trophy wife just needs to be taught a lesson or two in how to be a proper wife. There are so many things a good wife needs to know and most trophy wives don't even attempt to learn. Kristina is 20 and Jack.. well he's not. They've been married for 14 months and Jack is secretly unhappy. You see he's been in the lifestyle (BDSM) most of his adult life. His late wife was his submissive.  Now with Kristina, he's not sure what to do.  Jack soon learns his new wife is open to being spanked and dominated.  Will this change things for their marriage? Or end it?

I loved this book!! Many times I've witnessed trophy wives getting away with so much and wished someone would put them in their place. Now, Erika Moran has, in this book. It's hot, sexy, fun and educational.  You'll feel as if you are there witnessing this story unfold. I thoroughly enjoyed it.  This one might be a bit much for the timid but really if you open your mind and just read, you may see the other side of life.

The only thing I found wrong was these truly were YOUNG trophy wives. I felt that was out of place.

I gave this one a 4 out of 5 books because of the age thing. No I'm not a prude, but under 21 is really pushing things.


  1. I think I'm picking this one up on payday. Your review and just the book its self has me tempted.