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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kensington Facebook Page

HI everyone! I'm happy to tell you that the Kensington Facebook page has a lot of things going on. Find some great contests and excerpts, along with polls and quizzes about our books. You can't go wrong here. You'll learn more about the books Kensington has coming out and you'll get the chance to be part of polls, contests and quizzes.   I highly recommend you check them out. OH and they have a teen page too. You can let your teens know and they can be part of the fun.  

Here are the links for both pages..  http://bit.ly/xGzDj5 (Kensington)  and http://bit.ly/xdiiXK (KTeen) . Check them out and learn what's new in the world of books.


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