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Friday, November 11, 2011

Review of: A Killer's Touch  By: Michael Benson
*True Crime*

This book is about the Case of Denise Lee.  It happened in 2008 and is by far one of the most involved books I've ever read on this topic.  Michael King, kidnapped, raped and murdered Denise within hours.  He drove right into her driveway and forced her to his car, leaving her two toddlers alone in their crib. This case started in Florida but involved Michigan as well.  Michael King's family is in Michigan.  He would come back here (yes I'm in Michigan) to visit family.  After forcing Denise to leave her home in broad daylight, he took her back to his home where he had a "rape dungeon".  He kept her there for a few hours then put her back in his car and drove to a wooded, swampy area and killed her.  This brutal crime was so blatant and heinous it shocked everyone.  Neighbors and others spotted King's car and him. They positively identified him and his vehicle.  Denise tried to saved herself and leave clues. She was able to successfully call 911 with King's cell phone. She screamed "Help Me" any time they were near other cars.  

 I do enjoy reading true crime. I always have. However this book is extremely intense and graphic.  I wasn't prepared for that. It had a negative affect on me.  I remember this case. I remember reading about it and hearing about it in the news.  The book gives you play by play as if you were sitting in the court room.  At times I felt it gave to much detail. I think the technical side of it could have been explained better.  I know those who enjoy True Crime  will love this book and be glad they read it.  I recommend it, but only if you are a hardcore True Crime reader. 

I give this book 3 out of 5 books because it was super intense. 

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