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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Review of: Christmas at Timberwoods  By: Fern Michaels

  Heather is facing the busiest time of the year for a mall, Christmas. Being the security manager, Heather handles all kinds of issues for the mall. She's seen just about everything and is prepared to face it once again until a young woman shows up unannounced at her office.  Angela, the young woman, is frantic and telling Heather about a situation that will occur at the mall.  Heather's unsure at first whether to believe her or not.  Angela came across as sincere, but there was something about her. Heather decides to keep the information to herself until Angela shows up again.  Now she has no choice but to share the information with her bosses and others at the mall. The story that follows will keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat.  Trying to deal with normal Christmas time issues and this added problem plays on everyone's nerves.  It brings some together and tears others apart.  

    I loved this book because you can almost visualize the whole thing at your local mall.   You can see in your mind's eye the situations described and the people involved.  It's very real life in that way.  The characters are well defined and mostly likable people.  You'll be rooting for some and booing for others. Fern Michaels hits another one out of the ball park with this book.  It will make you look at families, Christmas and your local mall in a whole new way.  I felt sad for some of the characters but as this story is so real to life, I understand why these characters were necessary.  The only problem I saw was that Angela seems bipolar or manic on top of her other talents. I thought it was unnecessary to portray her in this light. It made it more difficult to accept anything she said as the truth. I think it could have been handled in a different way and still maintained the spirit of the book. 

   I give this book 5 out of 5 books because it's an awesome read!!

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