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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Review of: The Tourist by: Jack Everett and David Coles

  Robert Cleghorn is a product of the United States Special Forces.  He becomes too good at his job and the government decides to "retire" Robert.  The way they do this is by giving him medication that wipes his memory clean and then give him false memories to hang on to. He lives on the edge. The younger brother and the one considered the black sheep. Stewart White is a Detective Inspector, newly minted.  He's ready for the job and the move to a new location. He's a modern day Sherlock Holmes. In fact, his middle name is Sherlock.  He's very good at solving crimes and when his path intersects with Robert Cleghorn there is no exception. Stewart figures out what Cleghorn is up to fairly easily and then must stop him before anyone else dies.  These two men are part of a story  that makes you wonder what else can happen. 

  I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The way it incorporated up-to-date events with old fashioned crime solving is amazing.  As you know I'm not one who is really a mystery reader, but I think I'm becoming a convert after this book. Filled with action and intelligent, well thought out dialogue, it's one you will be thinking about for days after you finish. You'll keep wondering how probable these things are.  I was unhappy with the fact it was set in Florida, USA and said nothing about the main character being English, yet most of his dialogue was seemingly in the Queen's English.  Makes it seem a bit odd. Other than that, I recommend this book for all. It's a page turner and then some.

I give this book 4 out of 5 books only because of the language thing. 

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