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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Review of: Grit City by Ron Gavalik

Dillon Galway is exposing corruption through his blog. Tips come from everywhere and it's dangerous. Dillon wants everyone to be aware of what's happening in the city.  Alyssa Stephano is a gun for hire. No one dares mess with her. She's protected by some of the biggest groups in the city. The mob for one.  These two are on a mission to make sure the city is safe and those in need of punishment get it.

This is an adult action film maxed out!!  It's awesome writing and beautiful illustrations make a book for the ages. You'll follow Dillon and Alyssa through every installment.  For those adults who wished for books with substance again.. It's here..and it's Grit City on steroids! You will be anxiously awaiting each new installment. A new way to enjoy reading!

I give this 5 books out of 5! Pure awesome action!!

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