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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Perfect Skill by Robert Andrew Mayher

    A small group is working together, in secret, to advocate against the government of Mexico City.  Jorge, the main star of the propaganda videos that appear on Aztec TV, is working to help the poor, weak and vulnerable.  His biggest contributor is Carlos Ortega. Carlos is in charge of Aztec TV and can see to it the videos make it on air.  They recruit a man fresh to the big city to help film these videos in different hotel rooms across the city.  Pedro Chavez is from a small farming village. He left because drought  destroyed all the crops and he needed to provide for his sister.  Father Juan Martinez is also part of the group. His reason for helping is to flush out those who would use the Catholic church for their own devious means.  They'd like this to be a non-violent protest. An uprising against the government to "unite the poor and oppressed, to promote freedom and justice and to uproot the corrupt government from it's source of power." With several set backs none are sure they can complete their mission but they are willing to give it all they have.  Each one has a reason for wanting this to succeed. 

    Explosive, eye-opening and extremely well written.  This book will knock you off your feet and keep going.  I was surprised to see subjects such as prostitution, molestation and rape enclosed in this book. In the context they are used, it fits though.  Terrific characters that are full and rich with the wonderful writing make this a book you'll enjoy.  You'll feel yourself getting drawn in by the characters and their situations.  I recommend this book highly.

     I found no issues.

    I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it touches a subject most refuse to discuss- The Catholic Church. 

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