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Monday, September 3, 2012

Saving Gerda by Lilian Darcy

     Gerda is from a very influential German family. She is an only child and rather spoiled.  At age twelve she is  developing some questions about the Jewish and Hitler. Marianne is from a once moderately influential Jewish family.  She is forced to attend school with the German girls and treated as a leper. No one would think these two school girls lives would intersect in major ways in a very short time.  
    Kitty, Gerda's mother, begins to see her daughter's interest in Hitler. She becomes concerned at the direction her daughter's thoughts are heading. Gerda has begun to  treat the Jewish girls in her class with such hatred and disregard. Kitty is determined to change her daughters view of the Jewish. She is also trying to find a way to keep her daughter safe during this turbulent time. Once her husband is arrested and her health begins to fail, Kitty realizes she must find a way out for Gerda.
   Sophia is Marianne's aunt. She's unmarried and living with her family. She's the voice of reason for the family. She realizes they need to get out of Germany before it's too late. Sophia also meets a wonderful man. He's an artist and somewhat confused by his family history.  Now, will she leave Germany or will she stay.

     This book is very involved.  It's two women's point of view of a time in history that nothing good came from.  They are determined to save their families and make it through a war no one saw coming.  The writing is terrific and the characters well defined.  I recommend this book if you have time to really delve into it.  The book is less about Gerda and more about the two women getting through a time in their lives they never dreamed would happen. 

    I did find issues. While the base story and subject are interesting, the book drags along.  The title is somewhat misleading. 

   I gave this one 4 out of 5 books because it was dragging so much.

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