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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gotcha Gas: Debacle Near Roswell by M.A. Banak & Bill Weimer

  Ramon was give the deed to some property.  Curious about the new  property, Ramon went to the library to research it. There was nothing available on the small town of Gotcha, New Mexico. Even more curious, Ramon decides to go to New Mexico to find this town.  The trip seems to be for nothing until Ramon is approached by an older man. He assures Ramon he can help him in his quest to uncover anything about the town of Gotcha.  
     Gotcha started out as a real estate investment. A way to make quick money.  What it became was a small town with lots of problems and no sure way to fix them.  The people of the town are as quirky as the town and it's founders are.  Each one contributes in their own way.  When the founders are told there may be two gold mines under the town and there was a Spanish treasure located near the town, they  put their heads together to figure out a way to finance the digs.  Let the fun begin!

    Humorous, fun and an easy read, you'll enjoy this book from beginning to end.  The characters are an eclectic group of people.  Each one is a star in their own right.  It's easy to like all of the characters because they are well defined.  Well written, this book puts you right in the middle of it all. I found this one a joy to read.  I was laughing out loud in some parts.  I suppose because I know people who could fit into these characters skins very easily.   This on is informative, but it's basis is fun!  

   The one issue I found was the double naming of chapters.  I felt it was an unnecessary step to take.  

    I gave this book 5 out of 5 books because it tickled my funny bone over and over. 


  1. Thank you for your kind and generous observations. I am so very glad you got some belly laughs out of it.

    Maybe we will stick to one strong title from now on.

    Our editor was an avante-garde english professor. Short on complements, he encouraged the double titles. It was actually a tip of the hat to Jay Ward's "Bullwinkle Show", where the ending of each episode in the story arc told you TWO titles for the next episode, one of them being a pun. If you don't remember those ditties, the YouTube archive below shows an episode like that. Click to about 3:40 to catch the final moment:


    I have carefully watched your blog, Melanie, and studied the bookshelves. The state of American Literature today has me a bit dismayed. Nearly every story out there has a grim under-current. I am wondering if anybody has time for a fun story anymore. Patrick McManus, my champion, has found his niche. Maybe Mr. Weimer and I can too.

    You are a resource to the community, Melanie. When you retire, you will be sorely missed. I am learning so much from you.

    With a smile and perhaps a tear ....


    Your friend,
    Michael A. Banak

    1. You are most welcome Michael! I did enjoy it and yes I got the nod to Jay Ward! I just didn't think it worked on every chapter. Yes there are a lot of gruesome books out there but there are quite a few fun ones too. The audience is there, they just need to be sent in the right direction. Thank you for the compliments. I wonder though if I'm not persona non grata on Twitter. Can't seem to get any RT's lately. Oh well, others will see the book and share. HUGS to you my friend!