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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Better off Dead by Matthew Rowe

    Mummy's, vampires, werewolves and dragons are all part of the war between Khalid and Lucian.  Two powerful men both of whom want control of Londinium.  This war takes place far into the future when supernaturals are common place and humans are the minority.  Khalid enlists the help of a rag tag bunch of misfits to further his hold on Londinium. Ramses, P-Head, Gimpy and Kenempti work together, not always well, to push back Lucian and his warriors.  Finding themselves in several bad situations, they must learn to work together before they can be of any help in the war.  They each have their own agenda in helping Khalid but somehow together this group does the impossible. 

    Quirky, humorous and wonderful, this book will keep you entertained for quite some time.  Each character is well developed and certainly worthy of a book of their own.  I loved the humor mixed with the outright silliness in this one.  I recommend it to everyone, not just those who enjoy supernaturals.  Everyone will take away an enjoyable experience.  The story is well thought out and written in a way that makes it easy to follow.  Get this book.

     I didn't find any issues with this one.
     I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because you rarely see humor mixed with supernaturals.

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