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Friday, October 5, 2012

Once; Ask Me Anything, Not Love by Mian Mohsin Zia

     An author who is very successful with his career but has not found love. He really hasn't given it much thought until he goes away on holiday.  Once he's in the Ukraine and enjoying himself, he meets a woman who could possibly change his life.  She could be his love.  Things don't always go smoothly in the world of love though and in the author's case it doesn't fair any better.  Can he win this woman's love and share life with her as he wants to do? It might take some time to find her first. 

    This book has a bit of everything in it. Poetry, Prayers and a story.  The author is very brave to use first person in a book like this.  It can take one of two paths. It can be excellent and enjoyable  or it can be boring and bland.  I'm sorry to say this book followed the second path.

    I did find issues with this book.  It has no emotion, no feeling. The words are written in a plastic way.  It's as though you are reading Mian's diary instead of a book full of love.  I found it strange that he would include the moments when he intruded on the private affairs of others. Cultural differences aside, it's just plain bad taste to attend a wedding and a funeral of people you don't know.  You weren't invited yet you stay and act as though you belong with these families.  This book is self absorbed and in no way holds the readers attention.  I would not recommend this book at all. 

     I gave this book 1 out of 5 books because it wasn't a book. It was a collection of thoughts on paper. 

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