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Monday, March 12, 2018

Silent Fear: A novel inspired by true crimes by Lance Morcan and James Morcan

     Wandsworth University is a city unto itself, so when a student is murdered, Scotland Yard sends one of it's finest detectives to investigate. Valerie Crowther is good at her job and doesn't see any reason why the murder won't be solved quickly. She didn't expect all of the issues following her to the University. Now she just wants to find the murderer and head back to the office. 

     This story will surprise you as you get deeper into the book. Characters are well developed and seem to leap off the page. The writing is superb. I really enjoy the innovative approach the writing team brought to this novel. You will definitely be on a roller coaster  ride from beginning to end. Fear hangs in the air like an acrid odor. This isn't a book you'll finish in a short span. 

     I found this book to be a long and somewhat slow read. The intricate details make it the terrific book it is. It also is unnecessary in some areas.

     I gave this one 4 cheers out of 5 because of the issue above.

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