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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Xing Xang: Destiny Mission Virtue by Todd Tracy

      Seventeen year old Eli did his best thinking while at sea. One afternoon while out on his boat, a storm caught him off guard. The boat is tossed and eventually overturns.  Everyone is certain the teenager is dead. No one knows why he was on his boat. For Eli this is either the beginning or the end. 

     This story is intense. Eli seems to be put through the ringer after he capsizes. The characters are a colorful lot and the writing exceptional. Descriptions by Mr. Tracy will give you vivid pictures of the areas. I found it exciting and scary at the same time. This story will take your breath away in  parts of it. I think this one should be shared with everyone. 

     I did find issues. The reading can be a bit rough in spots. They aren't as clear as they should be. Also, it's unrealistic in parts. To believe the tale it needs to be more defined.

     I gave this one 4 cheers out of 5 because of the issues above. 

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