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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Drink Deep From the Well of Good Intentions by Donald Montano

          The Civil War was over. Nothing was the same. Death, destruction and hatred were everywhere. John Sampson served four years in the war. Now he just wanted a quiet place to be alone. He decided to head west. He never dreamed the war would follow him. 

     BLOCKBUSTER! Movie-waiting-to-happen. This book is crafted in such a way you get lost in it. The characters are well defined and so life-like you'll forget it's fiction. I was enthralled with this book. In my mind I could see it playing at a movie theater. Very few books hit me that way. Put this author on automatic buy. I know I have.

     I did find one issues. It's a personal preference. I'd take out the  "end of chapter" statements. It's a given the chapter ends if the next chapter is labelled.

     I have this one a resounding 5 cheers out of 5.

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