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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I ADORE my author friends BUT.....

  HI All!

    I'm writing this memo because I can't seem to make writers understand one simple little thing. Reviewers haven't said much about it and maybe I'm a nag because I am speaking up, but I need to.  When you send an ebook for review if the file name has numbers and letters or some code only you understand, it's nearly impossible for a busy reviewer to find it when it's your turn for the review.  

   I have a HUGE volume of reviews to do so maybe it bothers me more than it does others, but when you send me a file and it's all numbers and letters, chances are slim I'll ever remember what numbers and letters were yours.  I've tried and had others more competent than I try, to rename the file but it doesn't work. It always reverts back to the numbers and letters.  I have over 100 with numbers and letters I have to sort through to find the right book when I'm moving down the review list. It slows down the process even more when I spend an hour or more searching for your book.

   PLEASE label the file with your book's title or your name. Either will work.  THANK YOU for your patience and your attention to this matter.

   Yes I am really really far behind on reviews. I've had 2 surgeries recently, I've got an upper respiratory infection accompanying the flu and an array of other illnesses I won't bore you with. I read as much as I possibly can and as fast as I can in light of the above issues.  Please know I will finish each review though it may take longer than first expected. IF you'd choose to have someone else review it and not me, that's fine, just tell me so and I'll delete your book from my files.  Thank you for your patience with me!

Melanie Adkins


  1. Aww You work too hard!!! I love ya! God Bless, Emily PS my file you can trash because the publisher re-vamped it into two books... and I know you are swamped!

    1. You are a sweetie and I love ya too. How do you feel about the revamp and two book deal?

  2. Didn't realize there was so much going on. Hope you're feeling better... and you're absolutely right. Most authors don't think about how the files are labeled. *runs off to see if I'm guilty* :P

    1. Ha Ha! Thank you Marty! You usually label yours.

  3. No numbers? 10-4, good buddy. I'll deep 6 the numbered files I sent 2 you.

    Your pal,
    The Big Zero