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Friday, October 18, 2013

Author Showcase: E.L. Lindley

   E.L. Lindley is an indie writer and general lover of books in all of their forms. She has written numerous contemporary novels, including the Georgie Connelly series as well as stand alone novels. When she is not writing, she is devouring the works of other writers and is delighted by how indie publishing has thrown open the world of publishing. She sees it as a win win situation, allowing writers to publish their work, whilst providing readers with a richer and more varied choice.
   Lindley has always loved writing but produced her first full length novel, Business As Usual, when she decided to move on from her career as an English teacher. She now supplements her writing by working on a free-lance basis. This also affords her time to travel and she has been fortunate enough to have travelled extensively throughout the world, using her experiences as a source of inspiration for her writing.
She currently resides in Sheffield in the UK but has lived and worked in many places including, London, Oxford, Southampton, Cheltenham and Brighton. She also studied for a couple of years at the University of Arlington in Texas and has consequently made many extended trips to the USA to visit and stay with friends. Her novels reflect this and tend to incorporate both sides of the Atlantic.
   Lindley writes in a style which is both light-hearted and fun but with serious undertones, often tackling gritty subjects. In all of her novels, the characters reflect her belief in humanity and the fact that the human spirit will always prevail, regardless of the situation. Lindley's primary goal is to entertain people but she is happy to take any response that she can get.

    Introducing Georgie Connelly, an English transplant living in Los Angeles, where she’s a successful documentary filmmaker. Her work has won her awards but it’s also made her plenty of enemies and, when she receives death threats from a white supremacist, her boss hires his old friend and ex-Marine, James Finn to keep an eye on her. Their relationship gets off to a bad start when Georgie insists on looking into the whereabouts of a missing teenager, bringing her squarely into the orbit of Russian mobster, Maxim Petrov.
   Georgie’s meddling sees her embark upon a chase that uncovers sex trafficking and murder. As James despairs at her harebrained refusal to follow his instructions, Georgie places everyone she knows in serious danger. Buckle up for a fast paced story which has thrills, spills and lots of romance. As Georgie and James butt heads, will her tenacity pay off and bring Petrov to justice or will the crazy mayhem she leaves in her wake lead to her own self-destruction?
   Business As Usual is the first novel in the Georgie Connelly series, which not only introduces Georgie as a feisty protagonist but also a cast of loyal and likeable characters that surround her. 

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