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Friday, October 25, 2013

Author Showcase: Jen Lilenstein

  Jen completed her undergraduate senior thesis on Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligence
and its effect on self-esteem, attendance rates and love of learning in 1994 and in the years prior to
founding Kidzmet, she worked in the education industry in various capacities including brand and
product management for JumpStart educational software and in marketing for a non-traditional
post-secondary certification. Once she became a parent, she started seeing just how differently her
kids learned than she did...and was reminded how critical it is that teachers and parents “get” how
each unique student likes to learn in order for kids to become engaged, enthusiastic learners. She
also started to realize how many parents didn’t know personality-based techniques and strategies that
could help their kids learn how to learn better.
Ms. Lilienstein currently serves on the Editorial Board of the National Afterschool Association, the
Publications and Platform Committees of the NAA, the Quality Committee of the CA Afterschool
Network, and advocates for Afterschool for All with the Afterschool Alliance. She is also a member of
BOOST and ASCD. Ms. Lilienstein is also a weekly contributor on the Total Education Network,
which is syndicated on 80+ networks and heard by more than a million people in 180 countries
around the world.
At home, Jen is Mom to an extraverted seven year-old daughter--who has already dabbled in music,
swimming, gymnastics, ballet, nature, yoga and art--and an introverted four year-old son who loves  to do puzzles, build with LEGOs, examine the lives of animals and insects, and admire anything with
an engine.
A detailed, practical guide to help parents (and teachers!) understand how different personality types learn best. INCLUDES PERSONALITY QUIZ!

The techniques revealed in this book will teach parents specific, research-backed, actionable strategies amassed from nearly 100 reference texts with respect to:
* How to create a learning environment that allows their kids to excel and develop confidence in their abilities.
* How to support and encourage their kids' educations in ways that are best for him or her.
* How to teach their kids the strategies that help them each play to their individual learning strengths.

Book reveals how each of the eight personality types naturally:
* Get organized
* Get motivated
* Approach new concepts
* Learn in groups
* Take notes and "file" knowledge
* Tackle homework and test prep
* Gravitate to certain extracurriculars and teachers
* Handle successes and failures

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