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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Presidential Advantage (Phantom Force #5) by Jessica James

      Living on a farm where they save horses and retrain them is a dream come true. Liz loves the work she is  doing. Of course Liz didn't own the farm, her friend did, but one day Liz hoped to own a farm like this.  Life seemed pretty good right now. She had a job she enjoyed and a fiancé who loved her.  Things aren't always so smooth though.  Liz is about to find out just how tough things can get for a small town girl.

Ms. James definitely knows how to get her readers hooked. The writing and plotting are amazing. The characters well defined with personalities you'll love to hate. I found this book one you can't put down until you finish it. I enjoyed following Liz on  her journey. It really is a journey I could see happening in the real world. I actually felt protective of Liz as I read. You will two once you begin to read this fantastic book. Get this book today!

 I found no issues with this one.

  I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because Ms. James does an amazing job here.

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