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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Plume of Fire by Marie Fostino

       The Heavens have tested Earth.  Over and Over Earth has been tested and continues to disappoint those above. No one is loving or kind any more.  No one smiles as they walk down the street. We aren't the people they'd hoped we would be. Greed, hate, those are what we find when we look around. Why can't we be who the Heavens wanted us to be? What will our punishment be?

  Marie Fostino is a wonderful writer. Her books, as with this one, are beautiful and moving.  Well plotted and full of surprises, this is one you must read. The characters are well defined and easy to relate to. I love the message of this book. It truly states what we all see but are afraid to acknowledge. Ms. Fostino definitely leads with her heart! Add this one to your TBR pile.

  I found no issues here.

  I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it was very relevant to today.

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