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Monday, September 20, 2021

Questions about Dumpster Divers

 Ok, I've been watching and learning from the Dumpster Divers out there. I have a few questions for the stores. When you build a new store, you get a dumpster or two for the trash, Right? In the course of doing business things get broken, with me so far? Your buyers may have purchased WAY to many items. Each store tries to sell what they can but a huge amount ends up in the dumpster, am I right? These things are then written off on the books. No harm no foul.

Some folks come along and dig through that trash to get the undamaged unused portions. Some of these folks will take the items home and use them for their intended purpose. Some folks donate to shelters and such. Some may try to sell the items for an 1/8 to 1/4 the original price to help their family stay afloat.
Everybody on the same page now? So why do store managers and owners get bent out of shape about this? Your store couldn't sell the items. You wrote them off the books. Heck you even paid someone minimum wage to drag it to the dumpster. It's no skin off the managers or owners nose if someone can sell a $10.99 shirt for $3, is it? For your company at least, the books show it never existed after the last big sale. So explain to me why it's such a big deal to the store employees, managers or owners???? A sensible, rational explanation please.
It's trash. Pure and simple. If someone want to get down in there and dig it out why should you care? And you can't use the "If they get hurt I'll be responsible" angle. A simple sign stating not legally responsible for anyone who gets hurt while dumpster diving sign or a sign that says not responsible for anyone who gets sick after eating something from the dumpster, will work. Let the cops and security do the job they are paid to do. They aren't paid to babysit your trash. No one is gonna do any harm in your dumpster.
I'm waiting for a rational, reasonable, intelligent reason to harass these people. Or chase them off. Or damage the stuff you throw away, unnecessarily. Are you that big of a jerk? I'm really curious here.
If they take the food and/or toys to donate, it means some child will have a wonderful day. Old makeup to a women's shelter makes them feel whole and beautiful again. Men who are homeless aren't forgotten. They have new socks, or shoes, or even a shirt. Pantry's are no longer a source of shame for a family. It means the family will have healthy meals for a little while. Why can't these Dumpster Divers provided a little bit of the "Christmas Spirit" all year?

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