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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Oliver and Jumpy by Werner Stejskal

     Oliver and Jumpy are best friends. They  have so many adventures together.  Oliver is a very handsome black cat.  Jumpy is a beautiful kangaroo.  Jumpy also has a child named Joey.  The three of them decide to go to Monkey Island in story 4.  Joey is kidnapped and Oliver must find a way to save him.  In story 5 they meet Milly the mole and she takes them on an adventure through caves.  She introduces them to Fairyland where they see the beautiful palace.  In story 6 a new table is needed. The  three go to an antique shop. The table they purchase proves to be even more special than they realize. It has a hidden draw that's holding a map.  Each character and adventure is full of lessons and fun.

     These characters will make an active imagination even more active.   I love the bright, wonderful illustrations.  Each one is a work of art.  The writing is spectacular. The little in your life will be begging for you to read these books to them. I found the stories funny and sweet. It involves things your child already enjoys, therefore you have a win-win.  I love the characters because even though they are animals, they are doing some very human things.  Delightful and quick, they are perfect just before nap or bedtime.  It's a lovely way to calm a child before sleeping.  Perfect addition to any library.

     I didn't find issues.

     I gave these books 5 cheers out of 5, can't wait to read these to littles in my life.

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