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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Anonymous by Christine Benedict

     Debra is terrified of her new home. She's certain she hears and sees thing while alone in the home. Greg was working on opening his own business. He thinks Debra just hasn't settled into their home.  When she hears or sees things, Greg tries to explain it as normal adjustment.  Their neighbor Julie even thought the house was a bit spooky at times. What's really going on? Will they figure it out?

     This book is a heart pounding, blood curdling tale. Ms Benedict crafts her story in such a way that you get
sucked in easily. I'm amazed at all that's going on. It's one road but it seems to draw trouble. The characters are ones you'd find in any small town in America. I can see this one as a movie. For me, it ran over and over in my thoughts for several weeks. I'm sure you'll enjoy it as well.

    I did find issues. First, the flow of this book is really great then BAM you fall off a cliff. It's as though Ms. Benedict ran out of things to write.  It needs work. It's a very long book. Ms. Benedict should have kept it to 160 pages or so. 

     I gave this one 3 cheers out of 5 because of the issues I found. 

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