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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Oliver and Jumpy: Stories 19,20,21 by Werner Stejskal

       Oliver and Jumpy are having new adventures! Let's see what stories are included in this book.  First, Santa's Chocolate Factory. Second, Triller and third, April Volcano.  Each story is a chance to meet new friends and learn about their lives.  Now let's start with the first book.
       Santa's Chocolate Factory- Did you know Santa has an open house at his chocolate factory once a year? It's true and Oliver, Jumpy and Joey are headed there.  The trip to Santa's chocolate factory isn't any easy one. You'll see all kinds of weather.  Once there, squirrels serve the sweets to everyone.  Just as Oliver and Jumpy are ready to head home, Joey goes missing. Where can he be?
      Triller- Triller is a singing bird. He loves to watch the sun as he sings.  The fairies were having a contest for all the singers.  Oliver talked Triller into trying out.  The fairies loved his voice!  It went well until Triller went home. He'd lost his voice.  The Fairy Queen wanted to help Triller find his voice again. He found his voice just in time to win the contest.
      April Volcano- April first is a day for pranks. Oliver was the first one pranked and he couldn't wait to get his friends.  While playing near their home, they saw smoke coming from the volcano.  It was rumbling too.  They decided to see what was going on.  The mountain blew apart.  Jumpy saves Oliver and Joey from the lava.  They headed to the warm water in the valley to be safe.

     This series is written with little ones in mind. The story allows them to take part and have fun too.  The writing is fantastic! The characters are friends your child will love for years.  I love the fact this series let's your children meet many different animals and situations.  The illustrations are so colorful and lively you won't lose your child's interest.  Each story reminds us of morals and values kids need to know.  Get this series for your child's library.

     I found no issues.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because all kids will love them.

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