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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review of 'Elvis and the Tropical Double Trouble'  By Peggy Webb

     First let me say I am a HUGE Elvis fan, so anything with his name attached catches my attention.
 If you want a book that will make you laugh and keep you turning pages, this is it!  Callie Valentine Jones and her lovable dog Elvis seem to end up in some of the most mysterious of circumstances without really trying. Along with them, Callie's family.  A tropical vacation in sunny Mexico turns into a real  mystery.  I found the clever use of Elvis' song titles wonderfully inspired!  While laughing through the book, you'll get caught up in this southern family's mystery so easily you'll forget you started a mystery novel.  
    This book reminded me of many of my own southern relatives and situations they've been in so I felt right at home while reading this. It was as if my family kept a diary of mishaps. Elvis is even allowed to voice his opinion. After all he is the King! If Elvis truly is reincarnated, I'd love to think it's as a lovable basset hound protecting his human Mama. 
     'Elvis and the Tropical Double Trouble' is a book I highly recommend and have been recommending to friends and relatives alike. It's an easy read that allows you to take a vacation from your life and  stresses with smiles, laughter and fun! Don't miss this book!! Do watch out for Lovie's Prohibition Punch and the Fayrenese though *grin*.
     Making decisions were never so much fun! 

I give this book 5 books out of 5 books!! Awesome read!


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