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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review of Series books: Deeply, Desperately - Truly, Madly -                         Absolutely, Positively BY Heather Webber

   This series is a great one! Those of you who haven't discovered Heather Webber, what are you waiting for? In this series, Lucy Valentine and her family use their unusual talents to help others in the most basic way.  Lucy finds that her talents aren't quite what the other family members are but still, she can help others.  Their are some interesting situations brought about by these talents, both Lucy's and her Father's.  I forgot to mention that didn't I? The talents come from the Valentine side of the family. Although they never know for sure when they will kick in.  Each book is filled with superb writing and a way of weaving words that keeps you interested long after you've finished the book. I'm sure you'll love these!

I give all three books 5 out of 5 books! Worth reading again and again!

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