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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Angels of Apocalypse: Part I Alignment by JJ Harkin

  This is going to be a departure from my normal way of posting reviews and you'll see why in a moment. After this I will go back to my normal way of posting. 

   Mr. Harkin asked me to review the above titled book.  I agreed. I review all books I'm asked to. I began this book today and what I found didn't fit with the man. No I don't know him personally, but Twitter posts and emails made me see him one way, his writing another.  

    This book is beyond pretentious. It's arrogant and self involved to the max.  I found this book difficult to read, and the average reader wouldn't bother after the first chapter if they got that far. His use of big, important sounding words rivals nothing I've ever seen. The story, while jumping around, makes no sense. It's supposed to lay the ground work for a series, but all it does is leave more questions than answers. It spoke with modern concepts and medieval concepts. It included  a dominant-submissive relationship. It traveled the world. At the end though, it really said nothing. 

    I am very sorry to have to post this, but I do post honest reviews here.  I'm not going to sugar coat something just because I was asked to read it. Anyone who visits here or knows me, will understand this is how I work.  To Mr. Harkin if you have read this far, I won't post reviews anywhere else. I don't wish to badmouth your book on several sites. 

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