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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lingering in the Woods by Cynthia Ravinski

Usko is in exile. He is living with his mother Satu, a witch. He's been cursed. As he lay dying he asked his mother to do only one thing, bury him in the sun.  Once he dies, his mother, being the vindictive woman she is, buries him under an oak tree in the dark to tie him to her world forever. Everything went well until a young Shaman and his hunting group happened through the woods.  The spirit guide of the Shaman warns him of trouble ahead. The Shaman sings songs with magical abilities to protect the hunting party. His chieftain has little to no confidence in his abilities.  When they pass the trolls, they feel the danger is over, but the Shaman's spirit guide tells him differently.  The chieftain sends men to cut down an oak tree to make weapons with.  Too late the young Shaman realizes what will happen. Once they begin to chop down the oak tree, they release the demon spirit Usko.  The young Shaman's spirit guide flees leaving him unprotected. What the Shaman does next surprises everyone.

I found this story to be a great one. Filled with action and surprises it's the perfect book to spend an evening with.  It also had a moral to the story if you will. Be strong and face your fears.  I think the writer captured the scene in perfect detail and made me want to keep turning pages to the end.  I believe you will be as excited by this one as I am and be waiting for more books like this from the author.

I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because the  detail placed you in the story so easily. 

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