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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Wings of Light by Lloyd Baron

  *Prophecy of Ages*

   The book of Prophecy was written and all were taught about it growing up. Most felt it was just a story, untrue and no way to verify it.  Still it was extremely important to them all. The Prophecy says there will be three men, the three D's, and two women. They will fulfill the Prophecy and protect the Princess of Atlantia.  Darwin't' begins to dream the future.  He is afraid of this but continues to piece together what he can. He's distracted though because the Bonding Feast is coming and he will go to the shrine with Canace.  He's loved her since they were children and is excited but also unsure of their future together.  The other four are people he's known all his life. They didn't always get along. Darwin't's aunt realizes he and his friends are the six from the prophecy. She encourages them to seek out the Queen of Atlania, she'll know if they are the true six.  Their journey is full of many tests.  They each must adjust to their new powers and future.  Can they do it? Only if they band together and learn to trust each other. They are sent to the Angels to unlock one of the women's powers. The Darkness finds them and things really become harrowing. 

   I thoroughly enjoyed this book. From chapter 2 to chapter 37. The prologue, chapters 1, 38 and the epilogue don't add anything of value to this book. In fact they confused me about where this book was going.  You will absolutely love this book in the area I stated. I recommended it on that premise.  The story is well paced, intricate and engulfing.  The characters are well rounded and easy to enjoy.  The story is one we can all relate to regardless of your beliefs.  Mr. Baron did a fantastic job of bringing it all together.

   The only issue I found I stated above.  

   I gave this one 4 out of 5 books because of the confusion.

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