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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Love Is A Wounded Soldier by Blaine Reimer

   Robert's life has never been easy and at sixteen it just got a little harder. His father an abusive drunk is never around when he's needed. Robert finds his mother dead and must take charge of burying her.  It's more than a sixteen year old boy should have to deal with.  Then his life gets better. He meets Ellen and falls in love. They are happy together and enjoying their new life when in 1940 he's drafted. World War II begins and he's right in the thick of it.   Robert knows his life will be different but just how different he could never have guessed. Witnessing things only a soldier can know about, for years. Doing the impossible. His goal is to get back home to Ellen and begin their life together. Sometimes the best laid plans fail.

   A stirring account of a soldier's life before, during and after World War II, this book keeps it very real.  The story pulls at the heart strings and guides you along side of Robert as he deals with everyday issues and some rather extraordinary ones too.  I love that the beginning of the book is an apology of sorts to his grandson for not always answering his questions as he was growing up.  Robert's hardship and determination makes him a very likable character.  This is one book for the ages.  I'm sure it will become a favorite in most households.

I didn't find any issues.

I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because of the awesome detailing and intricate love story. 

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