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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nimpentoad by Henry, Joshua and Harrison Herz

     Grunwald Forest is full of creatures. Many aren't very nice. They like to bully and be mean to the other creatures. Niblings are the smallest and the Giant is the biggest. The Niblings had to hide often because so many wanted to eat them. Nimpentoad was the smartest and bravest Nibling. He knew if they could get the Giant to agree to join forces with them, they would be safe. The Niblings could do the things a clumsy Giant couldn't and the Giant could protect the Niblings from all other creatures. The Niblings decide to make the long journey to the castle to talk to Goofus the Giant. Along the journey they run into many creatures who could harm them, but Nimpentoad usually had an idea of how to stop them. Did they make it to the castle and what did Goofus say to their plan?

     This is one of those books your children will read again and again. The delightful characters and lesson teaching story are wonderful.  You won't find creepy, scary creatures in this book, just ones your children can relate to easily. My daughter thought this book was really good and said she would definitely share it with the school librarian and teachers. You'll want to get this one for your children. Geared to kids 6-9 it's actually a wonderful read for any age. 

     I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it is definitely the next kids bestseller.

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