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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Birdie Down by Jim Graham

    The year is 2210, and things are just a bit different now. Earth has several planets and they are under corporate rule. The corporation then reports back to Earth. Lynthax is that company.  As with many companies, Lynthax believe themselves to be above the law.  They  downsize and rearrange peoples lives in a careless way.  Many found fault with Lynthax and decided to fight back.  The rebellion is new and still unorganized, but willing to fight to the death to expose the ways of Lynthax.  The rebels are looking for independence from Earth and they'll do anything to get it.  They promised land to those who would join the rebellion and help them gain the independence.  The first to join  were ex-cops. They'd been fired from their jobs by Lynthax.  Andrew "Birdie" Goosen is one of them.  During one mission to shut down Lynthax information storage facilities, Birdie's shuttle is shot down. Now what? Read the book to find out more.

     I am a geek fan if ever there was one for books such as this.  I love 'seeing' into the future as to what others feel our world might include.  Jim Graham didn't disappoint.  His vision of Earth in 2210 seems to be right in line with where we are today.  The story is age old, the oppressed fighting the oppressor.  It's always been my habit to support the underdog and I'm no different in this instance.  Birdie Down is a well crafted tale and action filled.  You'll enjoy the way this story unfolds with no apology for what the rebels do in an effort to win freedom. It offers all the things a scifi fan would look for and includes some, to me at least, gory, horror film stuff too. Not over the top, just fits with the story.

   I am delighted to say, there were no issues.

    I gave this on 4 out of 5 books just because of the horror film quality in part of it (not a fan).

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