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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wreck of the Nebula Dream by Veronica Scott

  Nick Jameson is a  Special Forces soldier on leave.  Not that he wants to be on leave but he didn't have a choice in the matter.  He's aboard the Nebula Dream, THE premiere space cruise ship. It's the maiden voyage of the Nebula. Promises were made about the speed of the ship, the amenities and luxury.  Nick is just bored.  Everything seems find until the third night out. The fourth engine has shut down. The crew play it off like it's just routine maintenance until the fourth night out and all engines are shut down.  Panic sets in and people are trying their best to get to the life boats.  Only one problem with that, not enough life boats for everyone.  After some checking, Nick finds out the Captain, his first officer and third officer, along with the president of the company, have taken a life boat and left the other 8,000 souls on board to die. They didn't count on Nick being part of the solution though. 

   Thrilling scifi action will have you enjoying this take on the Titanic story.  This story is made even more exciting when you realize they are in space.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book, but then I enjoy most things Titanic related.  The twist on the story makes the time honored tale fresh and delightful.  I found the characters to be lovable and strong when it comes down to do or die.  I can't imagine another disaster like the Titanic happening, but I would hope there would be a "Nick" on every ship sailing.  This is an easy read and you'll be thinking about it for days after you read it. 

  I didn't find any issues.

  I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because the story is never old.

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