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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Book 'Em:An Eamonn Shute Mystery by Tony McFadden

  Nicky is a rare and used book store owner. Well she's fifty percent of it. The other half belongs to her ex-husband Brad.  He's an extremely silent partner in the business. At least Nicky thinks he is. He's actually been working for months to set up a scam that will land Nicky in prison and make him sole owner.  Nicky has a secret weapon though. Eamonn Shute!  Eamonn is Nicky's boyfriend.  He's also a very intelligent, lovable, Irishman.  When things start going from bad to worse, Eamonn jumps in to help solve the problems. He loves Nicky more than life and he's got the money and time to back up everything he says.  When things become so bad they think Nicky killed her ex-husband, Eamonn spares no expense in following leads, finding the best attorneys and gaining information from unlikely sources.  Eamonn's one goal is to clear Nicky and bring her home.

    Humor, great characters and an intriguing story will make this book one of your favorites for years to come.   It reads and ranks right up there with some of the world's best mystery stories.  It sort of reminded me of a "Murder, she wrote" with a male lead. Tony McFadden created such a wonderful world with these characters, you almost expect to see them on your local news.  This book has it all! Villains, a wonderful couple and just enough romance and danger to put it over the top!  You'll enjoy this fun read and it will keep you guessing as to what happens next throughout the book. I highly recommend this one.

     I didn't find issues here.

     I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it surprised me in a good way!! 

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