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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Switched by Diane Burton

    Jessie Wyndom lived out in the country near Ann Arbor, Michigan.. and that's just the way she wanted it. Coming from  very intellectual parents who spent more time with their work than their children, Jessie's grandmother's farm is the one place she felt at home.  She was the local Ms Fix-It. Though her parents disapproved, she did a pretty good business and enjoyed it.  Then one night out of the blue, everything changed. A bright light and Jessie was suddenly on what she believed to be a mock up of a space ship.  Captain Marcus Aurelius Viator was disappointed when he looked a the Terran and realized she was NOT Cindy Crawford.  When he finds out one of his crew members is responsible for this along with other surprises to come, he does his best to control his emotions yet handle the situation.  What is he going to do with this loud, emotional Terran?  A series of problems make it impossible for them to return Jessie to Earth.  Jessie finally comes to terms with her situation and makes the best of it.  Captain Viator was certainly not ready for Jessie to come barging into his life, still he couldn't say he wasn't grateful for the opportunity to learn some things about himself.  Secrets, war and traitors make this trip one neither will forget.

    Funny! Amazing! Captivating! These are just a few words to describe this wonderful book!  Think of it as scifi crossed with a romantic comedy and a dash of down home humor.  I loved that Captain Viator had a touch of Spock's discipline mixed with Captain Kirk's sexuality.  These aliens had mad love for Star Trek and rock'n'roll!  There are times you will laugh out loud while reading this book. Other times you will be pondering could something like this really happen?  The characters are just that.. characters! Delightful personalities, wonderful sense of humor and loyalty like you've never seen.  This book is one to share with friends!

    I found no issues with this one.

    I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it really kept my attention.

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