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Thursday, May 10, 2012

I See What You Want by Anna Tizard

  Teri Knight is studying to be a  psychologist. She wants to be able to help people and with her gift, she believes this will be something she's good at.  Her gift? Teri has want-sight. Teri can actually see peoples intentions, desires, wants.. in colors. Some people have scents around them too.  Teri thinks this will make being a psychologist a snap. There are things she hasn't considered though. What if her want-sight isn't exact? What if some of the colors are confusing? Will she always be able to get the "right" read on someone?  After her first client comes to see her, while she's acting as a counselor, she begins to explore those very questions.  She never dreamed she'd doubt her abilities.  The journey for Teri will be long, confusing and filled with new experiences, but it will help her reach her goal.  

    This book, while very well written, is EXTREMELY psychological. I felt the true story got lost in all of the explanations and details for Teri Knight's abilities.  The characters are delightful, a touch undefined though.  I enjoyed the book. I really did. I enjoy challenging books though. Some readers may find it difficult to follow along.  

    The issues are stated above.

    I gave this one 3 out of 5 books. While terrific, it's still not my cup of tea. 

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