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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mark of the Loon by Molly Greene

  Madison Boone is a real estate agent and she flips houses.  After losing her parents while she was in college, Madison never really put down roots anywhere.  Then one of her three best friends sent her an ad for a parcel of land out in the country. Once Madison saw it, she had to have it. The perfect English cottage and the bountiful gardens drew her in and made her feel like she was home.  During this same time Madison was introduced to Cole. She liked him immediately but held back.  Once she bought the house, strange things started to happen. She found keys but wasn't sure what locks they fit. Strange people started showing up and asking questions.  Madison's curiosity lead her  ask questions at the college. Each answer gave her more questions.  With the help of her friend, they begin to dig into all of the books, journals and papers left behind by Mallory Blackburne, the original owner.  Slowly answers start to fit into place. Now, were they really ready to get the whole story?

    This book is a very slow read. It's filled with details and descriptions that sometimes slow the story considerably.  The story is solid, just covered in so many layers you really have to pay attention to catch it all. Intrigue, laughter and love make this book one many will enjoy. I thought the mystery behind it all was wonderful it just took too long to get to the point.  I think if you like mysteries this will be one you'll really enjoy. 

   The issues are listed above.

   I gave this one 3 out of 5 books because it seemed to have so many layers to tie together it slowed the reading way down.

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