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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Capture: A Cryptid Tales Novel by Brina Courtney

   A Cryptids Tale Novel


        Brina Courtney  


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    Your senior year in high school is supposed to be fun, exciting and full of friends.  Everything went just that way for Shay Tafford until graduation.  After graduation, she and Hugh went to the Senior Shuffle. Little did they know it would be interrupted in such a rude way.  The Darkness descended  on the high school looking for Shay and Hugh.  They  had to protect their friends, so they edged toward a back door. Suddenly the fire alarm went off and everyone was running outside.  They got away but more surprises were on the horizon for them.  They went to a safe house for cryptids. It was protected from the Darkness and they could stay there awhile.  When they realize the Darkness would come for them even there, Shay sent out an invitation to all cryptids who didn't have a home. A wide variety of cryptids showed up and they prepared for battle. Shay however had even more than that to prepare for. Her entire life would change.

    The second book in the Cryptid series and it's just as fabulous as the first.  I love these characters! They are young but intelligent and dealing with teenage issues as well as cryptid ones.  Brina writes these characters with such wonderful personalities you can't help but like them and root for them to win.  The idea that all these cryptids could exist is stunning.  A perfect series for the YA in your life!  I highly recommend these.

    I didn't find issues.
     I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it sweeps you right into the story.

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  3. I feel the same! The personalities she gave the characters were dead on perfect and really made me love them! Great post!

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