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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fit To Kill by Donnie Ray Whetstone

     La Flore is a fitness mecca. Personal trainers, gyms and the like are the life blood of this town.  When strange murders start taking place, Detectives Calvin McVey, Bob Cummins and Tara Tanner are assigned to the case.  At first it seems like very random but brutal murders, as they dig deeper they realize they have a potential for a serial killer.  Tara Tanner has a gift. She's a very intuitive person. It hasn't always been infallible but she's gonna need to rely on it in this case.  Nothing seems to add up except each murder is different and personal.  Who would want to kill these people and why?  The pressure on the towns officials is so great they bring in a Special Agent. Tara, however, doesn't like the man and asks for permission to continue following her instinct.  It pays off in many ways.  Tara isn't sure she has what it takes to bring down this killer.  It will take every bit of training she has to do so.

     This book has a slow start and is extremely detailed about the fitness world but once you get passed all that it's really very well written.  The characters are solid and the door is left open for a second book.  Being from Michigan, I loved the shout out to Michigan State University. Don't let the benign cover fool you. The book is graphic and a true murder mystery. The writer does give away who the murderer is before he's ready to, at least I believe so. Little things are said that give you a heads up before they mention the killer. Over all a good read.

   The issues are stated above.

    I gave this one 4 out of 5 books because  it was good just way to detailed.

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