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Friday, May 25, 2012

Foreign Identity by Becca J Campbell

   Kel and Jax awake in a small room. They are both chained to the wall and each other.  Working together, they are able to escape the room that is their prison. One thing missing is their identity. Neither one knows who they are, where they are or what life was like before.  Once out of the room, it seemed their only way to escape was through a series of tests. During these tests, Kel finds she has abilities Jax doesn't, and he's unsure of whether she can be trusted or not.  They seem to be running on instinct. Bits and pieces of things coming back to them but not enough to create a whole picture.  Each of them relearning about themselves and each other with each step they take.  Once away from the room, they get away and find a cabin. In and around the cabin is everything they could need to survive. It takes a huge leap of faith for both of them to regain trust in the other.  After awhile, they realize their memories and the information about their lives is in the building they escaped from. Are they brave enough to face what lives there to find out who they are?

   FANTASTIC! It seems like a simple word but it thoroughly describes this book.  Becca J Campbell created a story that is as psychological as it is interesting.  I loved that this couple had to work together to solve all the mysteries surrounding them. I must say I was surprised at what they found too.   Easy to read and one you'll be hooked on right away!  I recommend this book for your library. Kiss seal of approval here! 

     I found no issues with this one.

    I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it kept me guessing until the end and I LOVED it!

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