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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Super Spies and The Cat Lady Killer by Lisa Orchard

   Sarah was sure this summer would be the worst. She was stuck in a small town at her Aunt and Uncle's house with her younger sister. How much worse could it get? Sarah then meets Jackie. They become fast friends and suddenly the summer doesn't look too bad.  While sitting under a tree and talking, the girls begin to play Truth or Dare.  It's a dare that leads Sarah to discover the body of the cat lady.  Jackie had told her some pretty wild tales about the cat lady. Sarah wasn't sure whether to believe them or not. While checking out the body, the girls are frightened by police sirens and run to the basement to hide. The police discover them easily enough and arrest them.  After some time at the police station, the girls are let go, it's then Sarah decides she's got to find out who murdered the cat lady and why.  They are pretty good detectives, even if their methods aren't always the best. Slowly, Sarah starts putting the puzzle together and she's certain she knows who the killer is, now to find out the why. The girls learn a valuable lesson. People aren't always what they seem.

   This book is reminiscent of the Nancy Drew mysteries from when I was a little girl.  A terrific puzzle, just enough curiosity to send them looking but not enough to cause real violence. Perfect for the young ladies in your life. The characters are adorable! You can just about see them walking down the street in any small town.  Well written and just enough scary to make young ladies go on alert for the tiniest noises.  You easily get caught up in the kids adventure and don't want to put the book down until they solve the crime.  As an adult, this book is still a good read. I was pulled in right away.  The curious kids remind us of when we were young.  This one is a must for the young ladies on your list and I hope Lisa Orchard makes this into a series for girls.

   I didn't find any issues.

    I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it's time there were more books, wholesome books, for girls!


  1. Thanks for your time and the wonderful review! It is greatly appreciated! :)