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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wicked Watchers: Looking at the Lads by various authors

    My Lucky Night by AJ Jarrett- Brandon takes Cole to a club, but not just any club. Here men can enjoy their time together in various ways. Cole isn't sure about it all until he meets Jacob.
     Boy, She Can Dance by Nephylim- A man who is homeless is looking for shelter. He usually curls up under a bush near a house to stay warm. While there, he peeps in the windows to feel more a part of the household. He's in for a surprise on this night.
     First Time Voyeur by Victoria Blisse- Sam is a bartender in a gay bar. While working there he has to come to terms with his own sexuality. He does and find a couple of the regulars want him to serve them in more than one way.
      Pool Party by Lily Sawyer- Harry is the pool boy for two very wealthy, hot Hollywood hotshots.  He enjoys watching the two of them together. This day however, he gets to see more of both of them. Harry finds himself wanting to dive in.
   Passion Bringer by Sara York- In the future, suppression pills are given to everyone.  They feel it's the best way to control all of the negatives of life. Then a law is passed saying they aren't necessary any more. Fallon stops taking them immediately and loves the feeling. His husband is a bit slower to join him in the new sensations but when he does...Look out Fallon.
  Roommates by Julie Lynn Hayes- Martin is attending college at an all male college. His parents aren't sure why but they are ok with it. At Christmas time, a delay by his brother in picking him up allows Martin to learn a bit more about his roommates and he's is very grateful for the opportunity.
   The Watcher by LM Brown- Nate was injured and scarred badly in a car accident. Since that time, he's remained a prisoner of his own making. He refuses to deal face to face with anyone. However, he still enjoys watching. With this in mind, he has extra cameras installed in his hotel so he can watch the public. What he sees is more than he expected and might lead to even more changes in his life.

     This is a collection of gay erotica at it's best. You will enjoy each of these stories that make this wonderful book. The authors did a very good job of making this exciting, but well written.  The characters will remind you of people you know or have met in your own life.  Love, lust and fun are the key words for this collection. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I found no issues with this.

    I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because the heat of the stories was awesome!

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