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Sunday, July 29, 2012


***About reviews***
I am not someone who gives in easily but I find for now I must. Until I get caught up some on reviews, I am no longer taking any new reviews on. I deeply apologize to the authors whose books I have on my list now for taking so long. I further apologize to those who had scheduled dates that I failed to meet. Please bear with me while I catch up, then I can once again take on reviews. Thank you!


  1. You need no lecture from me, dear, but you know your family comes first, right?

    Your friend,

    1. Dearest Michael! YES, my children come first. Always have, always will. *smile* They are my only family (other than dear dear friends). The reason I must put a hold on new reviews is because I'm fighting spinal cancer and the pain has gotten out of control. We are working on it, the docs and I, but not quite there yet. The pain meds I take make me very tired most days. Once I get caught up some, I'll accept new reviews again. Hugs to my friend!

  2. Your reviews are worth waiting for! Very sorry to hear about your health issues. Keep a positive attitude. Sometimes, that works better than the meds.

    All my life, my favorite saying has been "Attitude is Everything". It gets me through the worst and tells me what to do when things look the darkest.