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Thursday, July 19, 2012

MEET: Author Jeff Borowski

My bio….hmmm, the sound of that seems so very important, and I guess that I really do not feel that much ado is all that necessary~.
I guess that I feel that I am as special as I am ordinary; much as we all are. We all “shine” at what we love to do~ some of us, including myself, finally are getting to do what we so love. Many, Many thanks to all of you for taking the time to read about me.

I began my early life growing up outside of a very small towne, in the country, in Upstate New York. For most of my teenage years I was looked after and brought up by a wonderful single Mom, who though we were financially challenged, made sure that we were never in need of what we did so need. I couldn’t have asked for a better Mother. She passed over into the light on April 2nd of 2011.
Thank You Mom, for everything.

The years flowed by with my riding old dirt bikes, working at my step-Dad’s wonderful brother Dominic’s small towne pizza parlor…. the best pizza that I have ever eaten~ by far, which was a full time 40 hour a week job after school my senior year, that enabled me to buy my 1st new car, a 1976 Ford Pinto.
Flash forward to my brief stay in the U. S. Navy right after high school, the wild band/hippie years in Tucson, where I paid the bills laboring for masons, working for swimming pool companies, both in Tucson and later on in Phoenix, ~being a diver for underwater pool repairs at a major pool company in the early eighties. Then my own pool repair business, truck driving, real estate,  pools again, taxi driver, etc., etc., etc, as the years pushed on. Doing whatever I had to do to bring in the dollars to pay the bills~ blah, blah, blah….  From time to time picking up my writing project whenever the inspiration prodded me to rediscover it; as it waited so patiently, as it was intended to do all along.
~Wanting so to be a writer; having so to wait whilst I learned life’s lessons and allowing my thoughts to be couloured by the days that came to be.
Flash forward to 2006, when I met the most wonderful woman that I have ever known~ my beautiful wife Brenda.
We tried doing art on tiles using tile grout (my pool business influence~), doing arts & crafts shows, making very little money yet again. Opening our small gift shop, with our tile art the main inventory at first, then with Brenda’s talented guidance, growing into a real, albeit tiny, gift shop. Business was soooo slow, and as my writing project called its final call, I picked it back up and finally put it all together~ the vast majority written recently.
So there you have it. My bio in a veritable “nutshell.”
A very strange life that has been actually many lives all rolled into one. ~One “phase” quite different from another; all with the lessons that I so needed to learn, and still learn, as there is much to yet experience~ for all of us.
I really hope that you like my book.
I really do thank you for considering it. 

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  1. Wow. This author's early years look a bit like mine.

    1. Hello Michael~!

      Jeff here, Thanks for reading my bio.
      This all feels so very like another part of the seventies...! This is my very 1st published book, took a while to come to be. If you'd like to check out a bit more about the book & us, please check out our website for the book at:
      asabove-sobelow-thewebsite.com Cheers~!

  2. I have read and reread your wonderful book many times. You are an amazingly insightful person whom I'll never forget.

    1. Thank You So Very Much Shannon~!!!
      We miss you on Twitter, if you still tweet please contact us there at: LedJEFFlin or email us at WildAngel7@rocketmail.com
      Wishing You and Zaine Magick~
      With Morning Star Magick~
      Riding Lightning XX