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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sail With Me by Chelsea Heights

  Detective Delaney Davenport is a good and experienced cop.  She wants to move up in the department but the 'good ole boys' club finds any reason they can to keep her right where she is.   Delaney's private life wasn't going any better. Her ex husband cheated on her for years and it seemed Delaney was the last to know. Then a year after their divorce, her ex, Kevin died. His death was embarrassing and very public.  After that she stayed pretty much to herself.
   The Chief loved giving Delaney the minor, petty cases. He never let her work anything that needed real work.  Until she started looking at one particular file, Caroline O'Sullivan.  Being a small town, everyone knew everyone else. Delaney knew Caroline and she didn't seem crazy like neighbors and towns people had been saying for years. A close look at her files reveal more going on that anyone expected. Certainly more than Delaney thought she'd find. It might even require assistance from outside sources. Delaney begins what could be the biggest case of her career.

  AMAZING is the best word to describe this book. Just 111 pages long, but it moves quickly, is well written and the characters can be found in any town.  The story is an old but good one.  Chelsea Heights did a very good job of capturing small town America in this book.  I enjoyed this and recommend it, especially to those who want a quick summer read.

    I did have an issue with the way the ending came about.  We were in the middle of the action and suddenly it was over the book was finished. I felt the ending was too soon.

    I gave this one 4 out of 5 books because the ending came up like an unexpected curve in the road. 


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