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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Boy Who Flew With Eagles by Ben Woodard

    Naa'ki is a young boy who ventures into the world of the animals who live in the sky and woods around his village. With the help and education  of Mother Eagle and her children, the boy will soon learn what it takes to survive.  In a bargain with Mother Eagle, the boy says he will help care and feed her children if she teaches him to fly.  The bigger lesson will happen later in the book and it requires sacrifice on Naa'ki's part.

   I thought this book really brings to life the tales of the Native Americans. It also taught a lesson I think we all should know, to share.  I think Naa'ki was a brave boy to live through what he did. I really liked this book and I know most boys and girls will.

  I found no issues.

  I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because as a proud Native American this book did a great job of showing our cultures.

Reviewed by Brianna age:12 (1st review)


  1. Great to see there is still interest in Native American Culture in this land.

  2. Great review Brianna! Good writing runs in the family! Looking forward to more from you young lady.

    1. Thank you Ms Mary! The summaries we did at school helped me.