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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Poppy: The Deadly Flower Series by Riana Lucas

   Every since Poppy could remember she'd been a part of the Unseelie Kingdom. Poppy was trained as a warrior.  It was her job for the King. The King summoned Poppy to his throne room and told her she had a new mission. It was dangerous but he was sure she could handle it.  His second in command of the Army, Damien gave her all the specifics. Poppy would be sent to the human world to bring back a halfling.  There was an added danger. The Seelie Queen was threatening to close the portals to the human world. If she did, Poppy would be trapped there.   Poppy dislikes the human world and hopes the mission will be a quick one.  She couldn't foresee the problems that would become part of her mission.  Reed, the halfling, isn't quite so surprised by Poppy's visit. His mother seems to have had a hand in raising her halfling son. Reed is curious about everything though. Not only does Poppy teach him about Fae things, but he teaches Poppy about friendship and caring.  

     This is not just any Faery story. This one brings you in and keeps you right in the action. The story is solid and the characters well defined. I kept wanting to visualize tiny little beings, then Riana Lucas introduced the halfling and said he was 6'5. *smile* You'll enjoy this book and look forward to the whole series. I know I did.

    I didn't find any issues.

    I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it is a refreshing change.

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