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Monday, July 2, 2012

Insane Circumstances by Brenda Smith

    Brandi got a scholarship to attend college but the college is further north.  Her family is concerned about her being so far from home, but Brandi is ready. At least she thinks she is.  From the moment she steps off the bus at Claxville,  Brandi encounters situations she might never have experienced.  Working hard to keep her grades up and make everyone proud of her, Brandi is living through circumstances no one should have to live through.  Finding friends is difficult because of her skin color, Brandi doesn't give up though. She soon learns how to be herself and deal with the white girls who make her life so miserable at every turn.  Brandi learns lessons she then shares with someone going through very similar things.

   Explosive, powerful, moving and disturbing are all great ways to describe Insane Circumstances by Brenda Smith.  The writing is solid, characters well defined and the lesson is one society still needs to learn.  I found this book to be eye-opening in many ways.  As a human being, I was ashamed and disturbed by some of what is contained in this book. To think someone lived through this nightmare is heartbreaking. You'll love the spirit of Brandi Leigh Brown though! She's not one to give up easily and she will fight back. This should be required reading in every school in the world. Brenda Smith has shed light on a situation most would prefer be hidden forever. Bravo Ms Smith!! 

    I found only a minor issue with this. The time period being what it was, I can't imagine they used some of the eloquent words Brenda Smith uses. 

   I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it will become one of the classics.


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