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Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Catered St. Patrick's Day by Isis Crawford

      A Little Taste of Heaven is owned by the Simmones and has been for years.  They make the best tasting food around!  Since their mother died, Bernie and Libby were now running the shop and keeping the family tradition going.  There is another side to this family though.  With their dad being a former police officer, Bernie and Libby got interested in solving crimes.  They were pretty good at it too. So good in fact, they and their dad were private investigators as well as terrific cooks.  Wouldn't you know it, St Patrick's day business was going to be ruined for fellow a businessman.  Seems someone decided to add murder to the green beer and four leaf clover celebrations.  Bernie, Libby and their dad Sean were hired to find out who killed Mike Sweeney.  With so many suspects how were they going to solve this one?

    You will NEVER believe whodunit!   Ms. Crawford has created a funny and intriguing mystery.  She puts you right in the action and you can almost smell the bread cooking.  Well plotted out and written in an easy style, this book is one you'll enjoy curling up with.  The characters are so lovable and funny you can't help but be pulled into the fray.  I did try the recipes as well and they are fantastic!! What more can you ask for? A terrific mystery with a little fun added and recipes your family and friends will love!! Get this one for you collection!

     I found it started a little slowly but it finishes in a big way.  

     I gave this one 4 cheers out of 5 because of the slow start.

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