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Monday, March 4, 2013

The Silver Locket by Marie Fostino

     Jenny's family was moving to Oklahoma. None of the kids seem to be happy about it but it meant a promotion for their dad.  The move was easy, making new friends was not.  Jenny just wanted to be back in her hometown with her best friend. Her mother understood but asked her to give it some time.  Soon, Jenny met Jacy and his friends.  They were part of what people in school considered the "bad crowd".  It didn't take long for Jenny to fall in with the same bad habits they had.  Drinking, smoking pot, doing drugs, sneaking out and sex.  It was only a matter of time before it all caught up to her. Decisions had to be made and it wasn't going to be easy for either Jenny or Jacy. Faith, love and family would see them through.

     Marie Fostino has the storytelling gift. She can take an age old story and make it her very own. I love that about her writing. This story we've heard thousands of times (especially if you come from hillbilly stock like me). Yet when Marie Fostino tells the story, it's like the first time.  Not many books, stories, movies, etc make me cry. It has to really be something to touch me that deeply. Not because I'm hard-hearted but because I've seen so much devastation in my life.  This book touched me so deeply I cried through most of it.  You must read this one and gift it to the young women in your life ( 13-18).

    I found no structural issues with this, but a few small grammatic errors.  Those who follow my reviews know I'm more concerned with the structure of the story and the characters.

    I gave this on 5+ cheers out of 5 because this life lesson will never grow old. 

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