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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

As I Knew Him, My Dad, Rod Serling by Anne Serling

     Many know Rod Serling from the show The Twilight Zone but few got the chance to know him outside of that.  Fun, outgoing and a terrific man is how his friends would describe him.  His youngest daughter Anne, tells of a man who was tortured by memories of war.  A man who was very strict about following his own moral compass.  Rod Serling was a man who hated bigotry of any kind and fought for what was right always.   He was known as a man who was quick to explode but also equally quick to cool his temper.  A family man first and foremost, he loved spending summers with his family at their east coast cottage in New York. Some of their fondest memories are there.

     Anne Serling lets us walk with her through the journey that was her father's life.  She shares with us an intimate look at the man behind the camera and away from Hollywood. This book is more of a diary between father and daughter. A loving, unconditional love between parent and child.  Having been in Anne Serling's situation, losing her father, I understand the tough time dealing with his passing. I went through the same thing two years earlier. You'll love this book!

     I found no issues. Anne shares more than anyone could hope for.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because I was already a fan of Rod Serling, but now have a deeper respect for this wonderful man.


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  1. Writer Thomas ThyrosNovember 19, 2013 at 12:06 PM

    Firstly: Forgive me for this rather long, gushing, and at times, windy review. But I believe when something touches those hidden buttons and stirs the emotions--as this book does--it deserves a review this replete.

    I have never been easily impressed. But this book does impress the hell out of me! There are times when a book, song, or piece of art will have profound effect on those who experience it, and Anne Serling has her father’s knack for reaching into those secreted parts of one’s soul. This review is a long time coming--much too late I fear--but heartfelt all the same.

    I received an advanced copy of this book many months ago. I broke open the book to a random page and started reading. (This is something I do to sample a book.) I knew immediately--that very moment--I would need some time; a perfect time for such a book with so much to say about someone that, I myself, have had a great love for, as well as a profound respect--unequaled. This book made me love the man even more, and respect him more profoundly.

    I found that “perfect time” and I set myself to reading, what turned out to be, this most excellent book. An avid reader, I have read many of the “biographies” about this icon of our time, he being one of my greatest heroes. However, I must say that this book--in one fell swoop--negated every-single-one of those other books! When one reads this book, he or she quickly realizes--utterly--that all those other books are mainly hokum, and hearsay--disrespectful without need, wasteful of valuable time, and lacking in credence.

    This book needed to be written, not only for Anne, but also for all of us. My gratitude to Anne is immeasurable for her giving of herself in this extraordinary book. Anyone who reads this book--and is a fan of Rod Serling at the start--will realize that Rod Serling was an even greater man than we could have ever imagined. Anyone who has been curious about Rod Serling will become a fan of this man and all that he gave to us.

    This book is a love story in the purist sense. Anne pours herself out on the pages, bleeding, and allows us not only to know her father better, but also to know her as well. We get to see her father’s grit within her, her unwavering fortitude on contemporary social issues, and her desperation to “find” her father--which at times will break your heart. If the love presented here, between father and daughter, were the norm, this world would be a much better place to exist.

    This book is comfortable; like having a long, private, and fascinating conversation with an old friend. I, a published writer myself, enjoyed the rollercoaster ride of emotions. I laughed, experienced anger, felt jealousy, felt pain, and I experienced searching moments of examination about my relationship with my own father. But perhaps the one that “grabbed me in the dark,” so to speak, was that I found myself weeping at times. This is an uncomfortable admission, as not many things or people can make this happen. Since finishing this book, I find myself reliving parts of it, and consequently, it has given me the gift of reliving parts of my own life as well.

    Now I must make yet another uncomfortable admission: For twenty years, I have not spoken with my father. However, I think now it is time to fill the chasm and bridge the banks. For this, I want to thank you, Anne, for being genuine, honest, and, “simply a beautiful person.” Additionally, I would like to thank your father in absentia as well for being who he was, for standing up for what he believed in, for his service to our country, and for being a part of my world.

    Anne, please write another book. This one is loved, and we have fallen for you as well.